Dullards sign up for exclusive record deal with Ego Records

Dullards are self described young, beautiful, talented rock gods at the top of their game. And their debut LP is coming. A glittering fusion of glam, attitude-fuelled pop and genre-defying good old rock ‘n’ roll. It’s like Queen and The Rocky Horror Show had a baby – and it’s coming for you this summer.

Dullards plug the unlikely gap of experimental melodic glam rock power pop bands! The lyricism of songwriter Roger Heathers contrasts brilliantly against frontman George Pilgrem Sings The Hits’ brutishly flamboyant presence. Sensitive and at times introspective, Dullards will without any notice explode into a cacophony of richly embellished melody. This debut LP from the meeting of musical titans is one of the most anticipated releases of 2021. Exclusive to Ego Records and pressed to gorgeous opaque yellow vinyl, it’s a collectors dream. And it’s only available on our website and via independent record stores.

So when do I get the chance to fall in love with Dullards?

That’s a great question. Scheduled for a July release with pre-orders available from February on our website. Ego Records are all about value added so you’d expect some must-have bundles, right? Firstly, the lucky first 50 orders of the LP will receive something a little bit special. A hand numbered and signed limited edition Dullards piece of artwork included in the package. Secondly, there will be super limited edition signed test pressings. Join our mailing list here to register your interest. Furthermore, there’s merch just around the corner – show the world how much you love Dullards.

With so much excitement flying about around this release you’re going to want to fill your ears. Are you involved in broadcasting? Do you own an independent record store? Or are you just one hell of an influencer? Then get in touch. We’re putting out a limited edition CD pre-release “hand shake” with the boys. We’ll be more than happy to send you your copy.