George Pilgrem knocks back Rolling Stone for The Shropshire Star!

Ego Records‘ very own rock god, flaneur and bon vivant George Pilgrem Sings the Hits has been quite the man about town recently. Decked out in some serious accoutrements, George Pilgrem was recently featured in local newspaper The Shropshire Star.

George talks about the birth of glam pop power duo Dullards amidst a national lockdown. There’s also news about their forthcoming LP on the Ego Records label. Unsurprisingly there is also a fair bit of posturing by the one and only George Pilgrem.

George Pilgrem was interviewed by The Shropshire Star
The Shropshire Star – January 27th 2021

George Pilgrem – more than just your average piece of Rock ‘n’ Roll history

Further to George’s newspaper fame, he can regularly be found song writing, recording and generally living the rock dream. Social media is also not spared his attention. George hosts his own amusing, and at times quite touching, Instagram TV once a week. Taking calls from around the globe, George manages to captivate the audience with his humour, humility(!) and constant earphone trouble.

All this circus happens of course when not collaborating with musical man-mountain Roger Heathers. Roger, multi-instrumentalist and prolific song-writer is the other half of Dullards and we hope to be “in conversation” very soon indeed with Roger.

Why not snuggle up to George Pilgrem with the links above? Dullards‘ debut LP is going to land this summer on wax and no doubt George will be keen to do a giveaway. So get in while you can, give George a follow, it could be you bagging some quality vinyl. And keeping in the Rock ‘n’ Roll spirit of things, go ahead and read the full Shropshire Star article. It’s a fascinating insight into how Dullards defied all the odds and landed a record deal. After a chance meeting with music discovery podcast From the Bottom of the Record Box, everything changed for Dullards.

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